Welcome to Fotokula! We are a team of dedicated photographers who have been in business for over 25 years. This post will give you a general overview of Fotokula and what we stand for – creating real moments for real people.

About Us

Irrespective of occasion, we like to think outside the box. Given that this is a tough industry to work in, we dare to be different. To us, photography is more than just a profession. Together, we work towards one common goal – to tell people’s stories and bring them to life in pictures.  

Our experience in the field has allowed us to meet different clients from all walks of life. Be it CEOs, actors, couples, families, friends and so on. It goes without saying that all these clients are looking for different photography services. That said, we always make sure that the final product exceeds their expectations. Simply put, we’re not a one-size fits all photography company.

Our goal has always been clear – to provide all our esteemed clients with the best service possible. No matter the occasion, we take pride in creating people’s stories and memories. This is what matters most in photography – real people, real moments and real stories.  

Services Offered at Fotokula

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We are pleased to offer an array of services to our esteemed clients. No matter the occasion, we want you to have something to look back on for years to come. Bearing this mind, we are going to touch on some of the services we offer to our clients. These range from wedding shoots, corporate shoots, portraiture, product placement and even travel photography.

This is just a general overview of what we offer. You will find more information about the services we offer on the respective dedicated pages.

Special Occasions

We cater for all kinds of occasions. Be it casual family and friends shoots, corporate events and even weddings. Without a doubt, these are special occasions that all of us look back on from time to time.

There’s nothing quite like looking back at your wedding album on every anniversary or during a family gathering. You recall moments such as the preparation, the ceremony, the reception, the first dance and the catching of the bouquet.

Similarly, corporate events allow employees to recall memorable moments, as they look forward to the next one.

All these moments are stories that are meant to be relived all over again, and that’s exactly what our goal has and will always be.

Professional Headshots & Modelling

We also want both aspiring and professional entertainers to land all their desired roles. Bearing this in mind, we also take professional headshots at our own studio. Sometimes it’s all about making a good first impression and we’re here to help you achieve just that.

Furthermore, we also have a great team of stylists to help us with our modelling shoots. Throughout the last few years, we have worked with local and international magazines to create some of the best fashion editorial shoots. This has allowed several Polish models to not only expand their portfolio but to also secure more projects and even get signed with reputable agents within the industry.


Alongside the aforementioned services, we’re also extremely passionate about the tourism industry. For starters, we think Poland has a lot to offer to locals and tourists who visit year after year. In this respect, we are pleased to offer our services to those of you who work within the tourism and hospitality sector.

At this point, we know all the secrets Poland has to offer. We know what sights people want to visit, what interests them and what they’re after. Of course, this also applies to tourists who are visiting the country for the very first time. Considering the fact that Poland has such a fascinating history, we want to make sure that both locals and tourists get the experiences they deserve.

In this respect, we are pleased to offer dedicated shoots at specific locations around the country. We understand that some travellers may choose to travel alone or for some reason or another, can’t find anybody to take pictures for them. That’s where we come in – thanks to our dedicated team of photographers, we will make sure you will always look back on your Polish trip.

International Work

Although we are a Polish-based company, we have constantly worked towards expanding our horizons across the globe. In fact, we have also been extremely lucky to work with international clients from all over the world, particularly in Ireland.

During our time there, we’ve also taken landscape shots and other architectural details of lots of sights around the Emerald Isle. Although Dublin is a fairly large city that is bustling with activity, its outskirts provide a change of scene.

In particular, we loved working in Howth and Dún Laoghaire. Both of them offer some of the best photo opportunities along the coast and the cliffs. Without a doubt, Ireland is a great place for both photographers and travellers alike. In fact, we’re hoping we’ll be able to book more work in Ireland very soon.   

Our Studio

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Alongside the services mentioned above, we also offer studio photography. Over the years, we’ve set up a studio that has everything we need to bring your vision to life.

 We are well equipped with all the necessary lighting equipment and accessories to be able to shoot any subject. In particular, we focus on product placement, food items, professional headshots, as well as modelling photography. In this way, we are able to offer our studio services to different sectors and clients.

Some of our past work includes anything from editorial shoots, restaurant menus and company booklets. On top of that, we’ve also taken multiple headshots for aspiring students and professional actors who are part of the entertainment industry.

The studio is based in  Gdańsk, Poland. However, we are pleased to inform you that we can also come to you. Over the last few years, we’ve been able to purchase more equipment that would allow us to have our very own portable studio. Without a doubt, this has given us more flexibility to meet clients who require us to meet them at specific locations.